Kilronan wind farm is a cluster of 10 turbines located in the Kilronan Mountains close to Derrinavoggy in County Roscommon. In it's first year of operation Kilronan Wind Farm produced 14,238,789 kwh of electricity.

Energy at Kilronan: The energy story of Kilronan goes back to the 1800's. The mountain coal deposits, which were among the last thin seams in Europe, have been mined for over 150 years. In their hey-day, they supplied more than 40,000 tonnes of fuel every year, which was transported to nearby Lough Allen and used to power Arigna's 15 MW electricity generating station. Today, however, this era has ended for Kilronan. The last coal mine closed in 1991 and the power station shut down a year later.

Kilronan's tradition of coal, with it's roots in the industrial revolution, has given way to a new form of energy production based on 21st century technology and generating power which is as clean as the wind itself.

Kilronan Wind Farm was developed by the Irish company Kilronan Wind Farm Limited, which is owned by Irish investors. The project was supported through THERMIE, a programme operated by the European Commission to support the demonstration of innovative energy technology.

The THERMIE programme is focused on the cost-effective, environmentally friendly targeted demonstration and promotion of clean and efficient energy technologies.

THERMIE supports actions which are aimed at providing both the technological and economical viability of energy technologies by highlighting the benefits and by assuring a wider replication and market penetration both in EU and global markets.
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The directors of Kilronan Wind Farm Ltd, wish to convey their thanks to:

The European Commission who supported this project through the Thermie programme.

The Department of Public Enterprise for it's support of indigenous and renewable energy sources.

Landowners and Local Community whose co-operation and support is very much appreciated.

South Western Services Limited for it's vision of a more sustainable future.

Roscommon County Council who dealt with all aspects of the planning precedure.

ESB for the staff's rapid response and hard work in supplying grid connections.

Vestas Danish Wind Technology for the company's technical support and professionalism.

John Fleming Construction Ltd, and the project management team for the company's crucial role in the overall development.

AIB for investing confidence in this new industry.

South Western Accountants Ltd, and Ernst & Young for financial and taxation advice.

Gaoithe Saor Teóranta who take care of day-to-day operations.

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