Kilronan wind farm uses state-of-the-art technology to produce clean, renewable electricity. Each of the wind machines has a hub height of about 40 metres and a rotor diameter of the same dimensions. The turbine is constructed from 3 aerodynamically shaped blades linked by a shaft to what is known as the nacelle, which houses the gearbox and generator. The rotating blades drive the shaft, which in turn drives the generator, and electricity is produced. The electricity then travels down cables inside the tower and passes through a transformer into the local electricity network.

Each of the turbines is controlled by an individual microprcessor and connected to a central computer, which collects operational and energy production data. In addition the site can be monitored remotely by the owners and by Vestas Manufacturing, and the Arigna-based wind energy company Gaoithe Saor Teóranta is on hand to supervise day to day operation.

Together the ten turbines produced 14,238,789 kwh electricity in it's first year of operation.

Click HERE to see table of electricity output (kWh) on Kilronan Wind Farm during 1998.

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